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52 Ancestors: #51 ~ George Kinney Webster

This is part of the "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" Challenge begun by Amy Johnson Crow, author of the blog No Story Too Small.

George Kinney Webster

This is my maternal 3rd great-grand uncle, George Kinney Webster. He was the sixth child born to my 4th great-grandparents Augustine Webster and Mary Tyler. I recently wrote about his brothers, Ebenezer, Daniel, and Wesley.

George was born on 25 March 1803 in Columbia County, New York. He was married twice. He married his first wife, Polly De Wolf, on 2 September 1831 in Meigs County, Ohio. According to an article in The Democrat (Pomeroy, OH) newspaper, George and Polly were married by George's brother, Ebenezer, who was a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church.1

George and Polly were the parents of ten children.

  1. Amanda Maria Webster (1832-1865)
  2. Clarrissa Webster (1834-About 1846)
  3. Lavina Webster (1836-1858)
  4. Aurilla Webster (1838-1869)
  5. Louisa Webster (1840-1919)
  6. Nancy Webster (1842-1866)
  7. Verlinda Webster (1844-1873)
  8. Mary Alice Webster (1849-1869)
  9. Donnally Darius Webster (1851-?)
  10. Homer Horton Webster (1853-1872)

Sadly, most of these children did not survive past about thirty years of age. In fact, most died while they were in their twenties.

George's first wife Polly passed away on 6 May 1861 in Syracuse, Meigs, Ohio.

George married his second wife, Martha Sayers, on 13 October 1861 in Meigs County, Ohio. They were the parents of one child.

  1. Melissa Webster (1863-?)
George passed away on 21 June 1878 in Oldtown, Meigs, Ohio. He was buried in Bicknell Chapel Cemetery located in Great Bend, Meigs, Ohio.

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1 George K. Webster and Polly De Wolf marriage, "Meigs County News For The Year 1892." The Democrat (Pomeroy, OH) December 22, 1892, Old Time Marriages. Rootsweb. 06 Dec. 2014.


  1. Hi Jana. He didn't waste any time between marriages, did he? Common though with children to raise. You took on the 52 ancestor challenge. Good for you. I think it's a wonderful idea.
    I want to, but I have commitment issues. LOL!
    Merry Christmas,

    1. Hi Diane,

      Yep. I have only one more 52 Ancestors post to go. I can't believe I actually finished this challenge! I'm not sure I'll participate in next year's 52 Ancestors challenge though. If I do, it may be hit and miss. We'll see how it goes.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. I wonder if anyone told George he looked like Abraham Lincoln.

    1. Oh Wendy. That's awesome! Maybe they did. Great question. :)




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