Thursday, February 21, 2019

My Dad's Business Card When He Worked as an Escrow Officer

In a previous post I shared one of my Dad's business cards. It wasn't his business card as an employee for a large corporation, but for his own personal business called EZuse Software.

Today I'm sharing another business card that belonged to my Dad. This is a card he had as an employee in a company called City Title Insurance Company. It was located at 601 Hamilton Street in Redwood City, California.

From the business card it looks like my Dad worked as an Escrow Officer at the company.

Our family lived in Redwood City for several years when I was a young child. I was curious about the company my Dad worked for so I did a Google search for City Title Insurance Company, but nothing with that name came up in the results. And whatever building this company occupied back when my Dad worked there doesn't show up on Google Maps.

As you can see in the Google Maps screen capture below, the pin for the address is in a parking lot. And the addresses on the buildings on either side of the parking lot are 500 on one side and 627 on the other side. So it appears 601 Hamilton Street is no longer there.

I'm intrigued by the City Title Insurance Company's telephone number on my Dad's business card. Emerson 9-4121 sounds like a Telephone Exchange Names phone number that was used previous to today's all-number calling system.

I'm so glad we still have this old business card from when my Dad worked as an Escrow Officer. He later became a computer programmer and worked for a large corporation in San Francisco.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day to My Parents

Happy Valentine's Day to my parents in Heaven. This is the first time they will be able to be together on Valentine's Day since my Dad passed away on April 29, 2009. 💕

Aren't these photos cute? They were taken before my parents, Jan Albert Iverson and Elizabeth Webster, were married. The top photo was taken in 1959. I'm not sure when the bottom photo was taken.

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