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Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog is a "Blogger" blog. Blogger is owned by Google. When visitors visit this blog, Google collects certain data. Please see Google's Privacy Policy to read about the information collected at the following link:

Google Privacy Policy

Google also uses cookies. For information about cookies, please see the following link:

How Google Uses Cookies


Comments left on this blog will include your name if you choose that option. You can also leave a URL along with your name, but that is not required to leave a comment. If you choose to include your name with your comment, your name will appear publicly on this blog.

You also have the option to leave a comment anonymously. However, I have found that most anonymous comments left on this blog are spam comments, so I am usually suspect of anonymous comments. I do moderate the comments left on my blog before I allow them to appear publicly on my blog.

Third Party Apps

For all third party apps used on this blog, please refer to those companies for their specific privacy policies.

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