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My grandparents on my mother's side are Debs Warren Webster (photo below) and Sarah Vasques Madeira (photo below).  They were both born in Brazil.  Debs' ancestry is English and Mexican, while Sarah's ancestry is mainly from Portugal with the exception of Sarah's 2nd great-grandfather, Mathias Velho, who was from Spain.

Sarah's father was Alvaro Borges Da Silva Madeira (photo below), born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Rosalia Rodrigues Vasques, born in Rio Grande, Rio Grande du Sul, Brazil.  Alvaro's father was Joaquim Borges Da Silva Madeira, who was born at Ilha da Madeira, Portugal. Rosalia's father was Mathias Rodrigues Vasques (photo below) who was born in Rio Grande, Rio Grande du Sul, Brazil.

Debs Warren Webster
Sarah Vasques Madeira

Alvaro Borges Da Silva Madeira
Mathias Rodrigues Vasques

Below is the pedigree chart for Sarah Vasques Madeira, my Portuguese grandmother.

NOTE: This family tree is still a work in progress. As with any family tree found online, please don't just copy and paste without checking for accuracy. And if you do find any inaccuracies in my tree, please let me know. Thank you!

Pedigree Chart for Sarah Vasques Madeira

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  1. My parents went to Madeira to trace my mother's genealogy. Her last name was Henriques, and her great grandparents came from Madeira and settled in Jacksonville, Illinois. They found hundreds of her ancestors and we are trying to fill out some of the families. Her grandmother was born in Trinidad, but I have not had any success in finding her parents.

    1. Hi Sydney, how wonderful that your parents were able to go to Madeira. I don't know of anyone in my tree with the last name of Henriques. Good luck with your research! :)

  2. Good night Jana ! I'm Ricardo Paim Vasques. I found the correct date of the birth of Mathias. He was born on 09/08/1822. He was Antonio twin brother. I have the document of the church in Rio Grande that prove it. My email is
    Strong hug from his cousin.




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