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Esther Matus Villatoro

Debs and Carlota Webster with their Grandparents Raymunda Villatoro Vasques and Nicanor Matus

Below is a 4-Generation Chart for Esther Matus Villatoro, my Mexican Great-Grandmother.  As you can see, I still have a lot of work to do!

NOTE: This family tree is still a work in progress. As with any family tree found online, please don't just copy and paste without checking for accuracy. And if you do find any inaccuracies in my tree, please let me know. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Jana! My name is Natalia Blauth Vasques, from Brazil. I'm Ricardo Paim Vasques' niece, I think you two talked to each other a few years ago about our family. I was searching for the Vasques family on FamilySearch and found you. I've noticed that your grandparent Debs Warren Webster was married to a Brazilian Vasques, Sarah, but was also a grandchild of another Vasques, Raymunda Villatoro Vasques, from Mexico! That's so impressive!




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