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Asher Waterman's Cause of Death

Thanks to, I now know the cause of death for my maternal third great-grandfather, Asher Waterman.

Asher Waterman was born on 26 October 1791 in Duchess County, New York. In 1810, he moved to Ohio. He married Bathsheba Paulk (my third great-grandmother) on 22 December 1816 in Athens, Ohio. He and Bathsheba were the parents of twelve children.

Asher served in the War of 1812. The document I found on Fold3 is a Graves Registration Card for soldiers who served from the state of Ohio.1

Information gleaned from this document:

Graves Registration Card     Athens County
Name: Asher Waterman
Address: Troy Twp, Athens County, Ohio
Date of Death: 19 January 1875
Place of Death: Troy Twp.
Cause of Death: Kidney Trouble
Date of Burial: ?
Date of Birth: 1793
Place of Birth: New York
Name of Cemetery: Bethel
Location of Cemetery: Troy Twp.
Lot Number: Row #1
Grave Number: 17
Marker: Upright

Service Record

War Served In: 1812
Date Enlisted: 1 January 1813 [This date is incorrect]
Date Discharged: 21 February 1813 [This date is incorrect]
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: Private
Company, Outfit or Ship: Captain Gregory's Company

As you can see from this card, it contains lots of valuable information. I already knew that Asher served in the War of 1812. I have his pension file. But I didn't have Asher's cause of death. I'm glad that this card provides this information for me.

Because I have Asher's pension file, I was able to compare Asher's War of 1812 service information on this card with the information in his pension file. If I had gone by this card alone, I would have thought that Asher served in the War of 1812 for about one month. He actually served for about four months. The enlistment and discharge dates are incorrect on this card. According to Asher's War of 1812 pension file, Asher enlisted for service in the war on either the 1st or the 15th of October 1812. Different documents in his pension file have the date as the 1st of October 1812 and the 15th of October 1812. The discharge date is also incorrect. Asher's pension file lists the discharge date as both the 9th and the 15th of February 1813, depending on the document.

Even with the incorrect service dates on this card, it is still a wonderful resource with lots of valuable information.

If you have a soldier who served from the state of Ohio, I highly recommend checking out the "Ohio, Soldiers Graves Registration Card" database on Fold3. To access this database, click HERE.

As I've explored this database, I've already found more cards for other ancestors in my family tree. I'll share their Graves Registration Cards in future posts.

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1 Asher Waterman, Ohio, Soldiers Graves Registration Cards, 1804-1958; digital image 616077181 accessed 21 September 2018, Content Source Ohio History Connection.



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