Thursday, March 31, 2022

Almost At The Finish Line

I am almost at the finish line of my journey to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Professional Studies from BYU-Idaho. I graduate with my degree on April 7, 2022. In addition to my bachelor's degree, I will be getting my AAS Degree in Family History Research from BYU-Idaho. I am so excited about earning both of these degrees! I began this journey three years ago when my application was approved for the BYU Pathway Worldwide Program. That program took a full year; three continuous semesters in which I earned fifteen credits towards my degrees. After my year in the Pathway Program I transferred to BYU-Idaho as an online student. 

I have taken four classes each semester at BYU-Idaho except for one in which I took three classes, and this semester in which I am taking two classes.

I am taking my capstone class for my AAS Degree in Family History Research and a math class this semester. Last week I turned in the final draft of my multi-generational research paper for the my family history class. Yay! This was a multi-week project. I chose the ICAPgen four-generation research report for my project. It was a lot of work, but I have learned so much. My research log for this project was over 150 pages. It included citations, search results, analysis/microreporting, etc.

This semester is winding down. I finished my assignments in my math class and just need to finish and turn in one more homework assignment for my family history class and then I will be done. Yay!

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