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Grandpa Debs Webster's Blue Notebook

In 1955 my maternal grandparents, Debs Warren Webster, and Willis Quillin Webster, traveled to Mexico to visit relatives. My great-grandmother, Esther Matus Villatoro, was Debs' mother. She was born in Arriaga, Chiapas, Mexico. Esther passed away when Debs was only five years old. Esther was the wife of my great-grandfather, Watson (Frederick) Emory Webster, a.k.a. "The Traveling Dentist" here on my blog.

Found among my Grandpa Debs' belongings was this small blue notebook pictured below.

I like how Grandpa Debs wrote "Genealogy" at the top of the notebook. From the pages in the notebook, it appears that he must have been asking for family history information during his trip to Mexico.

Debs' parents moved to Brazil before he was born. All of his siblings were born there except for his oldest sister, Carlota. At some point Carlota must have returned to Mexico. She married a man there named Braulio Guerreiro and she and Braulio raised their family in Mexico. During this trip in 1955, Debs and his wife, Willis, visited Carlota and her family. They were living in Mexico City at the time.

Here are the pages Grandpa Debs wrote on in this little blue notebook during his trip to Mexico in 1955. I've included transcriptions as well.


Omelino Villatoro
Francisco Villatoro

Sra. ? viuda de
? de ?
?? No. 7
Tuxtla Gutierrez

Catalina Villatoro
Catalina Matus
Carlota Matus
Romeo Villatoro Vera
Raymundo tambien (also)
Dr. Olvera #34 - Dept 4
Col. de los Doctores
Mexico D.F.


? Elena
Catalina Matus
Guerrero Norte No. 107
Arriaga, Chiapas

Ixtepec Oaxaca
Nicanor Matus nasao en
Juchitan Oaxaca
Espinal y sus papas
vivian en Juchitan
no ? si si naci?

Noeh Villatoro
8a Pom? y 2a Av. ? No. 14
Tuxtla Gutierrez


Raymunda Villatoro

Hijos (children):

Esther Matus Villatoro
Catalina Matus Villatoro
Francisco Matus Villatoro
Chana Matus Villatoro

Hermanos de (siblings of) Raymunda:
  1. Francisca Vasques Villatoro
  2. Camilo Vasques Villatoro
  3. Raymunda Vasques Villatoro
  4. Felicita Vasques Villatoro
  5. Elpidia Vasques Villatoro
  6. Zenon Vasques Villatoro

6. Nicanor Matus

  1. Esciquio Matus
  2. Romula Matus
  3. Maria Matus
  4. Felicitas Matus
  5. Caliseto Matus

Vivian en Espinal (They lived in Espinal)
Ablan el Zapoteco (They speak Zapotec)


20 anos
Mario Arriola
Mario Arriola M
Fernando Montes
de Oca 27
Colonia Condera
Sona 11   Mexico D.F.
hijo de tia Catalina

22 anos
Maria Elena Arriola Matus

Geronimo Arriola Matus


Hijos de tio (children of uncle)

Francisco Matus Villatoro

  1. Romen Matus Vera
  2. Esther Matus Vera
  3. Noeh Matus Vera
  4. Raymundo Matus Vera


Hijas de Primas (Children of Cousins)

1) Romen tiene (Romen has):

  1. Francisco Matus Padilla
  2. Roberto Matus Padilla

2) de Esther:

  1. Freddy Esquincar Matus

3) de Noeh:

  1. Fernando Matus Farrera
  2. ? Matus Farrera

Juanita Guzman
Tia Juanita Guzman
2° gran (I think this means second degree great)
253 N. West Lake Av.
Los Angeles 26, Calif.
Isabel Villatoro
Arriaga Chiapas Mex.

There is so much wonderful information in this small blue notebook. It lists the siblings of my 2nd great-grandparents and other valuable information.

I'm currently researching Juanita Guzman, who my Grandpa Debs wrote about on the last page. I don't know where she fits into our family tree yet. But, I have found some interesting and helpful information already, thanks to my Grandpa having written down her address in the United States. I have a sweet card that she sent to my Grandpa Debs. I'll share that in a future post.

I am so grateful that my Grandpa Debs asked for family history information during his trip to Mexico.

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