Thursday, July 12, 2018

Frederico Moyer Webster ~ A Newly-Discovered Great-Uncle

Because we were holding an estate sale before putting my parents' house on the market, our family went through their belongings, deciding what to keep and what to sell. Of course, we kept family history items and heirlooms. I am in possession of lots of photos and slides that belonged to my parents, as well as my maternal grandparents, Debs and Willis Webster, who passed away many years ago. My mom inherited many of their photos. And now they've come into my possession, for which I'm grateful.

I have started scanning these precious inherited photos. One of the photos in my grandparents' collection is the photo of this young man.

Thankfully, someone wrote the name of this young man on the back of the photo.

The writing on the back of the photo says:

Frederico Moyer Webster

This photo of Frederico is familiar to me. I had seen it some time ago. I looked in my Grandpa Debs Webster's briefcase, and found that it contained a photocopy of both the front and back of this photo. That's where I had seen it before. Now I have the original photo. Yay!

I didn't know who Frederico was or if he was connected to our Webster family. So, I did some research and found out we are definitely connected. I searched on and I found Frederico's marriage registration record1 that listed Frederico's father's name as E. E. Webster, and his mother's name as Emilia Garabito. I wondered if E. E. Webster could possibly be F. E. Webster, my maternal great-grandfather (Frederick Emory Webster). The record also listed E. E. Webster's age as 59. The age didn't exactly fit my great-grandfather, but it was only a few years off.

After doing more research, I found documents that proved E. E. Webster, Frederico's father, was in fact, my great-grandfather, Frederick Emory Webster, a.k.a. The Traveling Dentist. One document,2 the baptism record for Maria del Carmen Webster (another child of Frederick's, and sister of Frederico Moyer Webster), listed my great-grandfather Frederick's parents, Ebenezer Perry Carlisle Webster and Cynthia Waterman. That clinched it!

Another piece of evidence came from a document that listed Federico Emory Webster and Emilia Garavito as the grandparents of Federico Moyer Webster's child on the birth registration.3 I also found the birth registration record4 for Federico Moyer Webster, naming Federico Webster as his father. In this birth record, my great-grandfather Frederick's nationality is listed as American, and his profession is listed as dentist.

So, it turns out that my great-grandfather, Frederick Emory Webster, a.k.a. The Traveling Dentist, had another child that we were not aware of before. In a previous blog post, I shared the news of a newly-discovered relative who was another child of Frederick Emory Webster.

I'm so glad the mystery of who Frederico Moyer Webster was has been solved. I'll share more about him in a future post.

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saving My Dad's Canvas Painting Apron From the Estate Sale

We've had a lot going on around here lately. We've been getting my parents' house ready to sell. My dad passed away in 2009 and my mom has been living in a memory care facility since mid-January. There was still a mortgage on the house, so it was necessary to sell their home. In order to do so, we held an estate sale on June 15th and 16th. Getting ready for the estate sale was a big job. Our family needed to go through my parents' belongings in the home to determine what should be sold and what should be kept. Of course, family history items/heirlooms such as photos, etc. were kept.

We hired an estate sale company to run the estate sale. They set everything up, advertised, priced the items for sale, and then when the estate sale was done, they cleared the house and put all of the items that didn't sell in the garage for donation.

I thought that we had gone through all the places that would have family history items before the sale began. But, on the first day of the estate sale, one of my friends was at the sale and found some family history items, including photos! She texted me and told me what she found and sent pictures of the items. She held onto them until I got there. The one closet we didn't really go through before the sale was in the den/office. It was packed with office supplies. That's where my friend found the family history items. And in that closet I also found my dad's canvas painting apron!

My dad was an artist. We kept all of his paintings. They were not included in the estate sale, of course.

It's really fun to see the different colors of paint on my dad's apron.

I'm so grateful to my friend for finding the family history items, which led me to find my dad's canvas painting apron.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

A Photo From the Vintage Key Chain Photo Viewer - Crecenciana Aurora Matus Villatoro

In a previous post, I shared the exciting news that there were three key chain photo viewers included in the pretty vintage box I found at my mom's house.

Today, I'm sharing the photo from one of the photo viewers with you. I tried to take a photo of the picture inside the photo viewer using my cell phone and it worked!

I held the photo viewer up to the light and then put my cell phone camera lens next to the viewer as if I were holding it up to my eye. I then took photos of what my cell phone saw.

Here's one of the photos my cell phone took:

This doesn't look exactly like what I saw when I held the viewer up to my eye though. Here's a cropped version to get just a single image instead of the kaleidoscope effect in the cell phone photo.

I discovered that the white end of the viewer can be removed and the picture can be removed as well. These pictures actually look like slides.

I was able to scan two of the slides using my flat bed scanner. The third slide didn't come out easily like the other two, and I don't want to harm it, so I need to figure out a way to remove it without damaging it.

Here's the same image above after I scanned it with my flat bed scanner. I also cleaned the scanned image up a bit using Photoshop.

This looks to me like Crecenciana Aurora Matus Villatoro. Unfortunately, I don't know when or where this picture was taken. It could be in Brazil. She immigrated to Brazil from Mexico. My mom told me she loved dogs.

I'll share the second photo viewer picture with you in an upcoming post.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

More From The Vintage Box - Vintage Photo Viewer Keychains

It's time to share more finds from the pretty vintage box.

In a previous post, I shared one of the photos I found inside this box. It was a photo of Theodore Reinacher, husband of my maternal great-aunt, Crecenciana Aurora Matus Villatoro.

Today I'm sharing three curious items I found inside the box.

Photo Viewer Keychains
Approximately 1-6/8 inch long

Have you ever seen these types of items before? I didn't know what they were. But after looking at them and doing some research online I found out they are vintage photo viewer keychains. How fun is that!? They are small and measure about 1-6/8 inch long and about one inch at the widest area.

While holding them up to the light, and looking through the small end of the viewer, I saw pictures of Crecenciana.

There is a different picture of Crecenciana inside each one of them. I will be sharing these photos in upcoming posts.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

National Siblings Day 2018

It's National Siblings Day!

I found this photo of me with my brothers while I was scanning my parents' wedding album. Today's the perfect day to share this photo here on my blog.

Happy National Siblings Day!

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