The Traveling Dentist

Watson Frederick Emory Webster
Watson (Frederick) Emory Webster

My great-grandfather, Watson (Frederick) Emory Webster, was a dentist.  He received his D.D.S. Degree from Western Dental College of Kansas City, Missouri on April 2, 1896.

At some point in Watson's life he changed his name to Frederick.  Frederick lived a very interesting life.  He practiced dentistry in many different locations and in three different countries - the U.S.A., Mexico, and Brazil.

Did you know there were such things as Dental Boats?  How about Photo Boats?  I didn't until I saw photos of the Webster Dental Boat and the Webster Photo Boat.  Yep, great-grandpa Frederick practiced dentistry on a boat at some time during his life.  And he also was a photographer too.   I wonder what it was like to practice dentistry on a boat.  Was the water always calm or were there any waves to contend with while Dr. Webster was working on patients.  Yikes, right?

Oh, and, did I mention that great-grandpa Frederick was an inventor?  Yep, he was!

Below you can read about his life and travels.  I affectionately refer to my great-grandfather, Watson (Frederick) Emory Webster as "The Traveling Dentist."

Be sure to check back again as I add more about Frederick's life and travels.
  1. The Traveling Dentist - Part 1
  2. The Traveling Dentist - Part 2
  3. The Traveling Dentist - Part 3
  4. The Traveling Dentist - Part 4
  5. Talented Tuesday - My Great-Grandpa Was An Inventor?
  6. Wordless Wednesday–Shark Anyone??
  7. Sepia Saturday 127–Frederick E. Webster’s Dental Office
  8. Sepia Saturday 138–The Traveling Dentist and His Motorized Bike circa 1917
  9. Sepia Saturday 150 ~ Bullfights in Irapuato
  10. Sepia Saturday 151 ~ "The Traveling Dentist" at Work
  11. Hurray! It's Time To Do The Genealogy Happy Dance!
  12. Thanks for Traveling Frederick! - U.S. Consular Registration Application ~ 1917
  13. Thanks for Traveling Frederick!–Another U.S. Consular Registration Application ~ 1923
  14. Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Grandpa Debs' Black Briefcase
  15. Treasure Chest Thursday–The Big Reveal ~ What's In The Old Metal Tube?
  16. Treasure Chest Thursday ~ The Traveling Dentist's Business Card
  17. Wordless Wednesday (well, almost) ~ Watson Emory Webster as a Child
  18. Watson, Why Did You Change Your Name To Frederick?
  19. Thanks for Traveling Frederick! – A September 1913 Passenger List
  20. Thanks for Traveling Frederick! – It's Esther's Turn to Travel
  21. Thanks for Traveling Frederick! ~ Esther Travels Again
  22. Thanks for Traveling Frederick! ~ An Emergency U.S. Passport Application from 1907
  23. A Special Family History Christmas Gift
  24. The F. E. Webster Dental and Photo Boats
  25. A New and Exciting Cousin Connection
  26. Fred E. Webster, Jeweler ~ Ad in an 1890's Newspaper
  27. Dr. F. E. Webster, The Painless Dentist
  28. Lesson Learned. Always Check for Additional Pages

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  1. I came over to thank you for telling me about my post regarding my ancestry and then I read your post here. Wow! Amazing! I am happy you stopped by by and I am glad I am here. Thanks for your time and your writing and please have a wonderful week. I am looking forward to my cousin Kay returning from her month long visit to our homeland in Slovenia and filling in some many blanks for us. Your story here reminds me of Sue (CollectInTexas) who has researched her own phamily history. The amazing things we find and even the sad ones makes us proud of where we all came from. Your story is a beautiful one to share. Thanks for sharing it here.




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