The Engle Family Postcards

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It all started on November 11, 2013 – this wonderful, amazing, and exciting Engle Family Postcard Adventure. This incredible adventure is about postcards, dating from the early 1900s, that somehow ended up almost halfway around the world from where they originated. And about how these priceless postcards ended up back in America, and in the hands of a thankful relative of those who originally wrote and received these postcards. That thankful relative is me. This extraordinary adventure has also given me a new friend in Ireland named Ann. We have kept in touch since this adventure began.

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  1. Hey Jana! It was so much fun to read about these postcards. They really make history come to life! Richard and Sarah Amanda were my great-great grandparents. (Sarah's grandfather, Dr. Luther Waterman, is my DAR patriot.) So we are very distantly related! I started tracing my genealogy last year and have found it to be so much fun. But it is fairly addictive! Thanks for sharing.




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