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Advent Calendar ~ December 15, 2015 – Christmas Tree Decorations

This is part of the "Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories" by Thomas MacEntee of GeneaBloggers. If you'd like to join in the fun, just click HERE.
Christmas Tree Decorations
Advent Calendar Prompt from 2015 Do you have unique decorations that you use each Christmas? How did you get them or were they passed down to you from family members? Do you have certain traditions surrounding Christmas decorations such as purchasing one from every state or country you visit? Describe your favorite decorations!
Tell us about your Christmas decorations and your memories of Christmases past.
Our Christmas tree is decorated with traditional round ball ornaments such as you'd find at your local Target or other department store. But, we also have special Christmas ornaments that we've collected or have been given over the years. I'd like to share a few of those with you today.
In previous Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories posts about Christmas tree decorations, I mentioned that I remembered some painted glass bird ornaments from my childhood. They were clipped onto the Christmas tree branches and had decorated bristle-like tails. I inherited one of those birds from my parents. It's a very special heirloom ornament.

This is our Fresno California Temple ornament. On April 9, 2000, the Fresno California Temple was dedicated. Our family was able to attend the groundbreaking for the temple on March 20, 1999. During the temple's construction, our family visited the temple site and took pictures. I made a scrapbook that contains those pictures and other items. We are so thankful to have a temple near us. Before the Fresno California Temple was built and dedicated, we attended the Oakland California Temple, which is about three hours north of us.

I made these ornaments years ago. They are round and egg-shaped glass ornaments covered in a gold mesh fabric.

This lovely Nativity Scene ornament was given to me by my sweet friend Ann who lives in Ireland. Ann is the wonderful person who found and gave me many of the Engle Family postcards I now have in my possession. If you haven't read about the amazing story of these postcards, click HERE.

This is our Liahona ornament. It's a beautiful shiny plastic ornament. In the Book of Mormon, there is an account about Lehi, a Hebrew prophet, who found a brass ball outside of his tent door. This brass ball was called the Liahona and was given to Lehi and his people by the Lord. The Liahona provided direction and spiritual instruction to Lehi and his family. To learn more about the Liahona, click HERE.

This beautiful glass ornament decorated with fruit was given to us years ago by some friends. 

My friend Sue bought this beautiful ornament for me when she visited Amsterdam several years ago. 

This sweet and simple Nativity Scene ornament has graced our Christmas tree for many years.

We purchased these ornaments while we were vacationing in Disneyland.

This is our glass bells ornament. We've had it for years. I don't even remember when we bought it.

 This is our white dove ornament. 

Do you have special ornaments on your Christmas tree? 

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  1. I have nothing BUT special ornaments. I collect an ornament (sometimes not meant for an ornament, but they go on the tree, anyhow) from every place that we travel to. Since we have traveled a lot, I have a lot of ornaments. Wish I could post a picture here, but you can see some of them here:http://preview.tinyurl.com/z8td76k

    1. How wonderful Vera! What a great idea to collect ornaments from all the places you visit!




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