Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Calendar ~ December 1, 2015 - Christmas Trees

The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories prompt for December 1, 2015 ~ Christmas Trees

What are your memories of your family putting up the Christmas tree? Many of us come from different traditions: some people won't put up their tree until after Thanksgiving or even on Christmas Eve? Some like live trees and actually go out into the woods to cut their own while others prefer the convenience of an artificial tree.

Write about anything related to Christmas trees and your memories of Christmases past.

During the early years of our married life, my husband and I bought live Christmas trees. We did this for several years until we decided to buy an artificial tree.

Our Christmas tree has moved from one location to another in our living room. We've put it next to our piano before, but for some years now, it sits in front of our window.

Things have changed a bit in our living room over the years. That window treatment is gone and the bookcase in the first photo changed location to where you see it in the second photo. Also, the photos of my husband and I next to the Christmas tree in the first photo have been moved to another wall in the living room. In their place, a picture of our Savior, Jesus Christ, graces that wall.

Traditionally, we have put up our Christmas tree soon after Thanksgiving, sometimes even the day after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas and spend several hours decorating our home with Christmas decorations we've collected or were given through the years.

When all five of our children were living at home, we would gather together, put on some Christmas music, and decorate the Christmas tree. So much fun!

This year we are behind schedule. We haven't put up our Christmas tree yet or decorated the house. We plan on decorating our Christmas tree early next week. We only have one of our five children living at home now. Two of our children are married and two other children live out-of-state while they attend college.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all of our children at Christmas this year!

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  1. Christmas does evolve as the years pass. We never put our tree up until very close to Christmas.

    1. Yes, I suppose it does in a variety of ways. Our Christmas tree is now up and decorated. Thanks for stopping by Kristin! :)




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