Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My DNA Ethnicity Estimate From MyHeritage

Earlier this week MyHeritage announced their new and improved Ethnicity Estimate.

I decided to check out my results and found them very interesting.

Under the DNA tab, I clicked on the Ethnicity Estimate tab and my Ethnicity Estimate list and corresponding world map appeared.

Here's my Ethnicity Estimate list.

And here's my Ethnicity Estimate map.

When I placed my cursor over a region in my Ethnicity Estimate, the region's color darkened and a box with the Ethnicity Estimate region and percentage appeared.

At the top of the page above the map is a "Play Intro" tab.

When I clicked on it, a separate tab on my computer opened and a video started playing.

The video began like this:

And ended with this:

This cool animated video revealed "who I am" according to my ethnicity estimates. As each region was listed and highlighted on the map, representative music from that region played. It was pretty neat.

When the video ended, this map appeared.

At the bottom of the map is a "Play again" button to view the video again.

Here's another interesting feature. To learn more about a region in your ethnicity estimate, simply click on that region in the map or in the list.

I did that for my Central American region and this is the screen that appeared.

It will be interesting to compare my DNA ethnicity estimates from MyHeritage to my results from Ancestry and Family Tree DNA. I will likely share those comparisons in an upcoming post.

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