Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Homer Horton Webster ~ He Deserves To Be Remembered

I recently received an email from a newly-discovered cousin on my Webster side. In her email, she mentioned that she had enjoyed looking through some of my blog posts. I really appreciate hearing that so much!

She had a couple of questions for me, one of which was about Homer Horton Webster, my 1st cousin 4 times removed. As I was looking at what I had on Homer, I did a little research on him on and found the following death record for him.1

This death record shows a different date and place than what I had in my genealogy database. It also provides a cause of death for Homer.

Information gleaned from Homer's death record:

Number: 226
Name in Full: Webster, Homer
Date of Death: January 20, 1873
Condition: Single
Age: 19
Place of Death: Lebanon
Place of Birth: Lebanon
Color: White
Disease, Direct or Indirect Cause of Death: Heart Disease
Place of Residence: Lebanon Twp.
By Whom Reported: Assessor

Wow! Homer's cause of death was heart disease? At 19 years of age? That is so very sad.

In a previous post, I wrote about Homer's father, George Kinney Webster. In that post I shared that most of George's children, including Homer, passed away before they reached the age of about thirty. In fact, most died while they were in their twenties. Now that I have the cause of death for Homer, I'd like to do some research to try and find the causes of death for his siblings.

According to The History and Genealogy of the Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut,2 Homer never married, so he has no descendants to remember him. Homer deserves to be remembered, so we will remember him in this post.

I'm glad that my cousin emailed me and that it caused me to do more research about Homer Horton Webster. This is more proof that blogging about family history is beneficial. Cousin connections are awesome!

Have you made cousin connections because of your blog?

Thanks for stopping by!


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1 "Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 30 September 2014), Meigs > image 84 of 373; county courthouses, Ohio. Homer Horton Webster, Line 226, Page 62 and 63. 1873. Accessed 7 December 2016
2 Webster, William Holcomb, and Melville Reuben Webster, D.D. "XXVI."History and Genealogy of the Governor John Webster Family of Connecticut. Vol. 1. Rochester: E. R. Andrews Printing, NY., Homer Horton Webster, 1183. Print.


  1. I have people in Brazil following my blog because I've written about the town in Germany their ancestors came from. I only know about this because one of them left several comments. As soon as things quiet down a bit, I'll be checking the "Familienbuch" of the town to see if I can share some information with them. ~ Cathy

  2. Congratulations on finding another cousin! Hope you have lots of fun sharing information.

  3. Oh the fun of finding new cousins! Finding that death record really is a great addition to what you know about him but so sad to see that he died so young.

    1. I agree Michelle. It's so sad that Homer died so young. Such a tragedy. It must have been so difficult for his parents and siblings.




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