Friday, January 22, 2016

Follow Friday ~ Fab Finds for January 22, 2016

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My Fab Finds for this week are (in no particular order)
  1. 5 Things You Can Do in Genealogy When You’re Short on Time by Amy Johnson Crow, author of Amy Johnson Crow Blog
  2. Family Memories: Genealogists Share Favorite Family History Documents by Greg McMurdie for FamilySearch Blog
  3. The Death of Lizzie Clapp by Diane Boumenot, author of One Rhode Island Family
  4. Tips for Researching in Small Increments of Time by Nicole Dyer for Family Locket
  5. Break It Down: School Census Records for Genealogy by Caroline Pointer, author of
  6. Family History from my great grandmother’s pen by Cindy Freed, author of Genealogy Circle
  7. GeneaBloggers Celebrates Seven Years! by Thomas MacEntee, author of GeneaBloggers
  8. Preparing For Your First Genealogy Conference by Caitlin Gow for NextGen Genealogy Network
  9. GENEALOGY RESEARCH CHECKLIST by Larisa Thomas, author of Roots of Kinship
  10. How Changing My Editorial Calendar Changed My Life by Laura Aanenson, author of where2look4ancestors
  11. Two Families, One Ship. by Caitlin Gow, author of Genealogically Speaking
  12. My DAR Adventure...Patriot Verified! by Cheri Daniels, author of Journeys Past
  13. Family Folding Hearts by Emily Kowalski Schroeder, author of Growing Little Leaves: Genealogy for Children
  14. The “Lost Friends” Slavery Database by Robyn N. Smith, author of Reclaiming Kin
  15. My Journey of the Certification Process: Entry 5 by Amie Bowser Tennant, author of My Kith N Kin
  16. A Wonderful Surprise! by Cheryl Palmer, author of Heritage Happens
  17. Fold3 and the 1812 pensions by Judy G. Russell, author of The Legal Genealogist
  18. Studying the Word of God with my Husband's Cousin by Becky Jamison, author of Grace and Glory
  19. Behind the Scenes at the Genealogy Roadshow by Elizabeth O'Neal, author of Little Bytes of Life
  20. Five Things I Learned From Working With Archivists by Yvette Hoitink, author of Dutch Genealogy
  21. Contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project: Oglethorpe County, Georgia by Schalene Dagutis, author of Tangled Roots and Trees

RootsTech 2016 Related Posts
  1. RootsTech Survival Guide – The Innovator Showdown Semi-Finalists by WikiChicks Conference Keeper
  2. ROOTSTECH 2016 – TWO WEEKS TO GO by Linda Stufflebean, author of Empty Branches on the Family Tree
  3. Rootstech - Commonwealth Cousins get together by Jill Ball, author of GeniAus
  4. 288 Classes Scheduled at RootsTech 2016 by James Tanner, author of Genealogy’s Star
  5. My RootsTech 2016 Survival Strategy by James Tanner, author of Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad…
  6. #RootsTech 2016: Plan to Go and Plan Your Time by Ancestry Insider, author of The Ancestry Insider
  7. RootsTech Conference and the Family History Library - a Win-Win-Win-Win For Me by Randy Seaver, author of Genea-Musings
  8. RootsTech for First-timers; A Caution About Those Streets by Peggy Lauritzen, author of Anxiously Engaged

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  1. You are on the ball! I'd actually forgotten that I wrote that post this week. Thank you for the mention, Jana!

  2. I'm sensing a trend--two articles on using limited time. I sometimes use a few spare minutes to check to see if any shaking leafs have shown up on a family I'm currently researching.

    1. Great idea to check those shaking leaves! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for discovering this week!

  4. It's so mice of you to take the time to do this! I always find another blog on your list to follow. Thank you for including me - I really appreciate it!

  5. Thanks for the mention. I appreciate you checking out my blog!

  6. Thank you Jana for including my post this week! I'm so happy a bit of my great grandmother is being shared! As the Russian proverb goes, "You live as long as you are remembered."

  7. Thank you Jana for mentioning my blogs ! cheers

  8. Thank you for including my post, Jana! :-)

  9. Awe, thank you for including my post Jana!




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