Monday, November 16, 2015

Engle Family Postcards ~ Gateway to Missoula, Mont. – 1905

It's been much too long since I shared an Engle family postcard with you. For my new readers, the story about how these precious postcards are now in my possession can be found in my blog post The Engle Family Postcard Adventure. In this post you will read about how these wonderful postcards were found in a second-hand shop in Ireland and ended up in my grateful hands here in the United States.

The last Engle family postcard I shared with you was from Charles A. Engle. He sent it from Los Angeles, California, and it was dated July 2, 1905. On the postcard, he wrote "we go to Frisco tomorrow July 4th."

Interestingly, the postcard I'm sharing with you today, is also from Charles A. Engle, and it sounds like he was not traveling alone again when he sent this postcard to his mom, Mrs. R. Engle at West Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Charles' mom, Mrs. R. Engle, was Sarah Amanda (Waterman) Engle.

This postcard is titled "Gateway to Missoula, Mont." and shows a train rounding a curve next to a river.

The message Charles wrote to his mom reads as follows:

Missoula Mont
July 13 - 05
On our way to Yellowstone Park.
Chas A Engle

So, who was with Charles? And was Charles on his way back to South Dakota from his travels in Colorado and California?

These Engle family postcards are not only beautiful and interesting to look at, they also give clues about where the members of the Engle family were at the time the postcards were written. I've been able to add the following dates to my timeline for Charles A. Engle based on the postcards he sent to his mom.

June 21, 1905 - Denver, Colorado
July 2, 1905 - Los Angeles, California
July 13, 1905 - Missoula, Montana

I'll be sharing more Engle family postcards in future posts.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Two of my favorite things; family history and old postcards. I used to collect vintage postcards before genealogy claimed all of my spare time and money. I should really see if I connect any in my collection with living descendants.

    1. Oh! Connecting the vintage postcards with living descendants would be awesome Anna! Thank you for stopping by!




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