Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My "Family History Blogs and Social Media" Class

In previous posts, I shared the news that I had been asked to teach a class at our local "Discover Your Family Day 2015." The event took place this last Saturday, May 16th. Those in charge of the event did a fantastic job. It was very well-run and organized.

My husband took this photo of me before the event began. I displayed my blog book and my Engle Family Postcards binder on the table and referred to them during my class.

Attendees of the "Discover Your Family Day 2015" received a syllabus packet and this bag filled with booklets, etc.

In addition to teaching my class, I was also asked to teach in the Exhibit Hall. There was a table set up for me with a sign behind the table that read "Family History Blogging." I prepared a separate PowerPoint presentation about how to create a blog. This is the first slide from that presentation.

I brought my blog book and Engle Family Postcards binder that I used in my class and set them on the table in the Exhibit Hall.

Many of the attendees were quite interested in my blog book. Some picked it up and looked through its pages and I was asked who printed the book. I happily told them I used Blurb.com.

Here are a few of my PowerPoint slides from my class presentation.

I had submitted my syllabus several weeks before the event, as requested. Since that time, however, I added more information and links. I also thought it would be helpful to provide my syllabus as a live-link document. So, I included a PDF version of my updated syllabus on my new Weebly website. I shared this with my class. And I'll share the link to my syllabus here as well.

Here are the instructions on how to access my syllabus on my new website ~ Jana's Genealogy and Social Media Hub.

Here's the homepage for my website.

From the Family History tab, click on "My Presentations" in the drop down menu.

Click on "Download File" to download my updated syllabus PDF file.

I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to teach my class and to participate in the Exhibit Hall at the "Discover Your Family Day 2015."

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  1. Looks great, Jana, like you've been presenting for ages.

  2. Nice slides, Jana. So many people try to stuff too much info on each slide. Yours are visually arresting and informative.

  3. Such good information - I'm sure you did great!

  4. Jana, looks like a well organized and informative presentation. Your students were very lucky!

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words Colleen!

  5. Looks like a great presentation! Great handout too!

  6. Love your new website Jana - beautiful photo

  7. Bravo Jana! The class must have loved your presentation!

    1. Thank you Ellie! I had positive feedback about my class, so I was thankful for that. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I think the participants should have been very satisfied with your presentation, Jana. From the slides it looks excellent. I hope many will take the plunge into blogging. They'll ask you back next year, don't you think?

    1. Thank you Nancy! Hopefully I'll be able to participate in next year's local family history conference. Thanks for stopping by!




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