Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crazy Icicles

In a previous post, I shared some photos from our vacation in Utah. We were there the week after Christmas.

During the week we spent in Utah, the temperatures never rose above freezing. And it snowed at the beginning of our week-long visit.

As we drove around town, I saw lots of icicles. Even some cars had icicles hanging from them. Our car was no different.

See what I mean? Here are two photos of our car.

This isn't a sight I'm used to seeing every day since I live in a warmer climate. So, of course I had to take pictures.

I don't know who owns this car, but it looks like it had been sitting there for a while. Lots of snow and icicles.

There were some crazy long icicles hanging from buildings too.

And check out this row of icicles on this house and those snow-covered bikes and that car.

There were even icicles hanging from bushes.

We spent our vacation week in a beautiful winter wonderland and had a great time with our family. I'll share more photos from our trip in a future post.

Thanks for reading!

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