Monday, June 4, 2012

Mystery Monday–Who’s the Gentleman with Grandpa Webster?

Here’s a little mystery for you.  Can anyone identify this man sitting on the chair pictured with my grandfather, Debs Warren Webster?  My grandfather was born in 1914 in Brazil.  I'm not sure how old he is in this picture.  If you look closely there is writing on the right bottom corner of the photo.  I had my mom look at the writing and she deciphered it as "Debs e un amigo."  Translation - "Debs and a friend."  So, we know that this was a friend of Debs and or his family.  My son had a good suggestion.  Maybe he was a teacher.  Hmm.  We just don't know who he is or where and when this photo was taken.

And because Debs' father, Watson Emory (Frederick) Webster, a.k.a. The Traveling Dentist, seemed to travel so much this photo could have been taken almost anywhere!

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  1. A picture of an adult and a child who are not of the same family seems like an oddity. In today's "creepy" world, it would probably raise some suspicions. Having said that, my older daughter has friends whose children see her almost like their playmate. I wonder if the man is simply a close family friend or even a coworker.

    1. I know what you mean Wendy. He must have been a close family friend, teacher, or like you suggested, perhap a coworker of Debs' father. It is rather interesting that a formal picture was taken in some kind of studio though.




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