Monday, May 14, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday–Sarah Amanda Waterman Engle

Sarah Amanda's Engle Grave Marker

This is the tombstone of Sarah Amanda Waterman Engle.  She is my 2nd great grand-aunt.  Yes, you are reading those dates correctly!  1836-1939…This remarkable lady lived to be 103 years old!

Sarah was born on March 15, 1836 in Coolville, Athens, Ohio and passed away on December 5, 1939 in South Pasadena, Los Angeles, California.  She is buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, Los Angeles, California.  Sarah parents’ are Asher Waterman and Bathsheba Paulk.

I will definitely be writing a follow-up post (or two) about Sarah.

Sarah Amanda Waterman Engle
Sarah Amanda (Waterman) Engle

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  1. Love the picture! Hard to imagine living for more than a century. I appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving comments. It does make it more fun, doesn't it? Yours is much better organzied. I'm still learning. :)

    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by! I think your blog is great! I'm just a newbie blogger, so thanks very much for the compliment!




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