Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday–Civil War Soldier: Richard Engle

Richard Engle's Grave Marker

This is the tombstone of Richard Engle, the husband of my 2nd Great-Grand Aunt Sarah Amanda Waterman.  You may remember Sarah Amanda Waterman from a previous post.  She lived to the remarkable age of 103 years old.  Richard and Sarah are buried at the Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, Los Angeles, California.  Below is a picture where you can see both of their grave markers (Richard on the left, Sarah on the right) with the “Engle” marker above their individual grave markers.

Richard and Sarah Engle Tombstone Marker

Richard was born on 8 November 1831 near Barnesville, Belmont, Ohio and passed away on 26 April 1917 in South Pasadena, Los Angeles, California.  He was the son of Caleb Engle and Sarah Fawcett, both from Ohio.

Richard served in the U.S. Civil War in Company G of the 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

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  1. That's interesting that his service is recorded on his tombstone. Was he active in some kind of organization that grew out of his company?

  2. Hi Wendy, I really don't know if he was in any kind of organization related to his civil war company. I like that his and other tombstones I've seen include their service in the military. It's a great tribute.

  3. Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.




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