Monday, April 16, 2012

Military Monday - A Brazilian Officer

Mathias Rodrigues Vasques
This is my 2nd great-grandfather, Mathias Rodrigues Vasques. He was born about 1834 at Rio Grande, Rio Grande du Sul, Brazil, and passed away there in 1890.

I find it interesting that the hat sitting on the chair resembles a U.S. Civil War era hat. It must have been the style of the day globally? I don't know. Any military buffs out there want to comment on this pic? I assume he is an officer because of the picture from linked below.

Now I need to find out if there are any military records from Brazil that I can research to add to what I already know about Mathias. 

The link below shows a Brazilian officer and soldier. This is from

Brazilian Officer and Soldier

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  1. What a dashing man! It would be interesting to know what the medal hanging on his left breast was for. Can you imagine how hot that uniform must have been during the summers in Brazil?

    1. Hello Sarah! Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, it must have been just unbearably hot to wear that uniform during the summers in Brazil.

      I did a quick search about Brazilian medals, but couldn't find anything. That is an interesting question though.




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