Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor ~ Dr. Luther L. Waterman

Today is Independence Day here in America. Happy Independence Day!

I always thought I didn't have any family connections to the founding of America since my Dad's side of the family are from Norway and Sweden. And all I knew about my Mom's side of the family is that they were from Brazil. But, after the death of my maternal grandfather, Debs Warren Webster, I saw a photo of my 2nd great-grandfather, Ebenezer Perry Carlisle Webster. I learned that Ebenezer had served in the American Civil War. That was news to me! I hadn't ever seen his photo or heard his name before.

Not only did I have a Civil War ancestor, I learned that I had a Revolutionary War ancestor named Dr. Luther L. Waterman. He was my maternal 4th great-grandfather.

Luther served as a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. I'm grateful for his service.

I've written about Luther before on my blog. I'd like to share my previous posts about this patriot ancestor on this Independence Day. For those of you who haven't read about Luther before, I hope you enjoy getting to know him better. I was thrilled to see his signature on a document from 1776. I shared that document in the second post on this list.

  1. Military Monday ~ Revolutionary War Surgeon: Luther Waterman
  2. My 4th Great-Grandfather's Signature on a Revolutionary War Document ~ Dated August 23, 1776
  3. 52 Ancestors: #37 ~ Phebe Barker – Wife of a Revolutionary War Surgeon

Happy Independence Day!


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