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My Updated Family Tree DNA myOrigins Results

Family Tree DNA recently updated myOrigins. The update changed my previous myOrigins map and ethnic makeup percentages.

Here's my previous myOrigins map as of 6 May 2014.

And here's my updated myOrigins map as of 7 April 2017.

Notice that the reference populations have different colors assigned to each one. And, the assigned colors in the Ethnic Makeup chart match the colors on the map.

Iberia is purple in the chart and on the map. Check out what happened when I hovered my cursor over Iberia in the chart (see below). Spain and Portugal remained purple on the map and every other reference population on my map turned gray. 

That same kind of thing happened as I hovered my cursor over the other reference populations in my Ethnic Makeup chart. Each reference population on the map stayed the same color as the corresponding color on the chart, and the rest of the reference populations turned gray.

With the recent update, my Ethnic Makeup percentages changed too. The previous Ethnic Makeup percentage chart on the left is from 2014 and the one on the right is the updated chart.

In case these charts are difficult to read, here's the breakdown of the results:

Previous myOrigins Ethnic Makeup Results

Jana Last - Ethnic Makeup - 6 May 2014

European 85%
European Northlands 36%
European Coastal Plain 17%
North Mediterranean Basin 16%
European Coastal Islands 16%
New World 7%
Bering Expansion 7%
Middle Eastern 5%
North African Coastlands 5%
East Asian 2%
Asian Northeast 2%
Central/South Asian 1%
Eurasian Heartland 1%
African 1%
Niger-Congo Genesis 1%

Updated myOrigins Ethnic Makeup Results

Jana Last - Ethnic Makeup - 7 April 2017
European 80%
Scandinavia 45%
Iberia 23%
West and Central Europe 12%
New World 10%
North and Central America 10%
Middle Eastern 6%
North Africa 3%
West Middle East 3%
Trace Results
East Central Africa <2%
Southeast Asia <2%
West Africa <2%
British Isles <2%

The updated British Isles result is surprising. My research shows that my maternal great-grandfather’s ancestry is from the British Isles.

The New World result isn’t surprising. Family Tree DNA states that this cluster includes Native populations. My AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate also lists Native American ethnicity at 10%. I attribute this result to my Mexican ancestry through my maternal great-grandmother, Esther Matus Villatoro, who was born in Arriaga, Chiapas.

I realize that these are just estimates, but they are quite interesting.

Have you had your DNA tested? Were you surprised by your results?

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  1. Wow, I was really interested in the update and the differences between 2014 and 2017 for your results. My FTDNA origins differ slightly from my Ancestry DNA origins, but not by a significant amount and no surprises there. My biggest problem is endogamy and trying to determine connections within the Ashkenazi population. I'm definitely signing up for the DNA sessions at upcoming genealogy conferences!




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