Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Precious Photo of Chester Malvin Iverson

In June 2016, I shared the exciting and wonderful news about a new cousin connection I made because my family tree is on This new cousin's name is Maureen. She is so awesome and sweet and it's been really fun sharing and receiving family history photos and information with her. I'm grateful that Maureen has been so willing to share these precious photos, documents, and information with me. I'm also grateful that she has given me permission to share them on my blog.

In my post from last June I shared one of the beautiful photos that Maureen shared with me. It was a photo of Rose Josephine Iverson, my first cousin twice removed.

Today, I'd like to share another of the photos that Maureen shared with me.

Chester Malvin Iverson
Photo Courtesy of My Cousin Maureen

This is Chester Malvin Iverson, my first cousin twice removed, and one of Rose Josephine Iverson's brothers.

Chester was born on 26 August 1900 in Benson, Minnesota to his parents, Iver Martin Iverson and Mary Cecelia Miller.

He was the second oldest of five children born to Iver and Mary.

Chester enlisted in the United States Navy in Seattle, Washington when he was only 16 years old, just shy of his 17th birthday.

In an upcoming post, I will tell you more about Chester and his service in the Navy during WWI.

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