Friday, July 8, 2016

Follow Friday ~ Fab Finds for July 8, 2016

My Fab Finds for this week are (in no particular order)
  1. Genealogy With Children Survey by Emily Kowalski Schroeder, author of Growing Little Leaves
  2. A Family Bible Mystery – Solved! by Deborah Lee Stewart, author of Between the Leaves Family Histories
  3. You can open those old corrupted document files! by Christine Blythe, author of Empty Nest Genealogy
  4. DR. JEREMIAH HALL WRITES TO GEORGE WASHINGTON ~ Celebrating Our Founding Fathers by Diane Gould Hall, author of MICHIGAN FAMILY TRAILS
  5. WHAT DOES “REASONABLY EXHAUSTIVE RESEARCH” REALLY LOOK LIKE? by Linda Stufflebean, author of Empty Branches on the Family Tree
  6. Original or Derivative Sources: What’s the Big Deal? by Diana Elder, author of Family Locket
  7. 6 Smartphone Apps To Keep Your Genealogy Organized by Lisa Lisson, author of Are You My Cousin?
  8. Why I Blog by Lara Diamond, author of Lara’s Jewnealogy
  9. Creating a Family Yearbook by Nicole Dyer, author of Family Locket
  10. Life of a Record from the Barbour Collection by Ancestry Insider, author of The Ancestry Insider
  11. The Adventures of "Little P" by Michelle Ganus Taggart, author of A Southern Sleuth
  12. What You Might Be Missing in Marriage Records by Amy Johnson Crow, author of Amy Johnson Crow Blog
  13. Quick tip – Emigrants sometimes went to a Notary by Yvette Hoitink, author of Dutch Genealogy
  14. Photo Booth by Debi Austen, author of Who Knew?
  15. Hundred-Year-Old Maple Walnut Tapioca Pudding Recipe by Sheryl Lazarus, author of A Hundred Years Ago
  16. Land Records Reveal Family and Sizable Estate by Family Sleuther, author of Family Sleuther

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  1. Thank you for the mention Jana! It's an honor to be included on your list!

  2. Woohoo! Thanks Jana. I appreciate the mention. I see I'm in great company.

  3. There are some wonderful blogs on this list. I'm honored that you thought A Hundred Years Ago was worthy of including in this week's Fab Finds.

  4. Thank you for including me on this week's list.

  5. Thank you again, Jana, for including my post on land records. As always, I appreciate it.

  6. Thanks for including in your list this week. I see you also have a strong Swedish heritage, although I don't see where our kin met up in the past. Too bad, cause I really love finding friends of family past. I hope you and your readers enjoy my glimpse into the past.

  7. Thank you for the mention. I'm just now seeing this today, but I'm flattered. Thanks :-)




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