Friday, April 15, 2016

Follow Friday ~ Fab Finds for April 15, 2016

My Fab Finds for this week are (in no particular order)
  1. Let’s Have a Blog Party! AND Join the April 2016 Genealogy Blog Party! by Elizabeth O'Neal, author of Little Bytes of Life
  2. Create Your Own . . . Clip Art by Susan Petersen, author of
  3. Military Monday - A different kind of summer soldier by Brandt Gibson, author of Brandt’s Rants
  4. Tombstone Tuesday Tip: Transcribe On Site AND Using the Notes Section on FamilySearch by Devon Noel Lee, author of A Patient Genealogist
  5. The power of the deadline by Janine Adams, author of Organize Your Family History
  6. Did Your Ancestor Have a Pet? by Lynn Palermo, author of The Armchair Genealogist
  7. Millennials Share Their Favorite FamilySearch Tools for Preserving Family Memories by Greg McMurdie for FamilySearch Blog
  8. FAMILY CHARTMASTERS • 7 GENERATIONS. by True Lewis, author of Notes To Myself
  9. I’m afraid of public speaking by Genealogy Jen, author of Repurposed Genealogy
  10. The Chiropodist Couple by Joanne Cowden, author of Researching Relatives
  11. One of the Best Boys I have Ever Known by Michelle Ganus Taggart, author of A Southern Sleuth
  12. Tuesday's Tip: They May Have Moved by Beth Gatlin, author of So Many Ancestors!
  13. I Wanted to Know More and I Found a lot from a Great Cemetery Database by Barbara Poole, author of Life From The Roots
  14. Creating a Memorial to Your Loved One – A Review of “Passed and Present” and Giveaway! by Diana Elder for Family Locket
  15. A Visit to an Alsatian Village by Melanie Frick, author of Homestead Genealogical Research
  16. Announcing the ISGS 2016 Ancestor Photo Contest by Illinois State Genealogical Society Blog
  17. How Endogamy Looks in Practice by Lara Diamond, author of Lara's Jewnealogy
  18. When You're Adopted, Which Ancestors Do You Choose? by Melyssa Webb, author of The Golden Age of Genealogy

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  1. Jana, thanks for mentioning my post. I'm glad you commented on my blog that you hadn't heard of chiropodists because I hadn't either--I thought it was just me!

  2. Thanks so much for listing my blog post, Jana! Have a great weekend!

    1. You're very welcome Beth! Have a great weekend too!

  3. Thank you for featuring my latest post, Jana!

  4. Thanks Jana! For Featuring my Family's Chart!

  5. Thank you for including my posts, Jana - very kind of you! I hope you'll be joining the #GenBlogParty! :-)




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