Monday, March 14, 2016

RootsTech 2016 ~ Ken Krogue: "Don't think the word blog, think the word newspaper or magazine."

My day 1 of RootsTech 2016 began with the Innovator Summit General Session, which was held on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. One of the keynote speakers was Ken Krogue - co-founder of

Ken Krogue

Ken Krogue's keynote address was wonderful. I especially loved what he said about blogging. He shared the chart below that showed the results of a research study by a business magazine. The study asked "Which medias are most important?" The answer was blogging.

Here are some quotes by Ken Krogue about blogging that I really liked:

  • "Don't think the word blog, think the word newspaper or magazine. It's a digital magazine for you. Your voice can be heard around the world if you blog. is nothing but a big Wordpress blog." ~ Ken Krogue
  • "I would recommend that you get a blog. Tell your own story." ~ Ken Krogue
  • "So, start your own blog. It's got some horsepower." ~ Ken Krogue

What Ken Krogue said about blogging really resonated with me. I especially love that he advised us bloggers to think of our blog as a newspaper or magazine. Blogging is important and powerful. As he said, "Your voice can be heard around the world if you blog."

I know firsthand how beneficial blogging can be. I wrote a blog post about the benefits of writing a family history blog in my post The Benefits of Genealogy Blogging.

I have also taught a class about the benefits of genealogy blogging at various family history events.

You can watch Ken Krogue's full keynote address in the video below.

If you don't have a blog yet, begin one now. Through your blog, you will be able to tell your own story, as well as the story of your ancestors.

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  1. Interesting! Some family historians are unfamiliar with social media and think blogs are just about trivial things, so I often use the term 'article' instead of 'blog post' when I mention a blog that I think they should read.

    1. Great idea to say "article" instead of "blog post" Judy! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I shared this in my favorite reads of the week!




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