Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm Home From RootsTech 2016

My husband and I returned home last night from our trip to Utah. I flew to Utah on Monday, February 1st to attend RootsTech 2016 as a RootsTech Ambassador. My husband joined me on Friday, February 5th in the evening. He drove the whole way to Salt Lake City. It was a 13 hour drive. Even though he'd had a long day already, he went with me to the MyHeritage RootsTech After-Party that night. What a guy! I love him! He attended Family Discovery Day on Saturday, February 6th, while I attended to my duties as a RootsTech Ambassador.

We combined and extended our trip to RootsTech with visiting family in Utah. That's why we didn't arrive home until yesterday evening. Combining RootsTech with spending time with family was awesome! It was a win-win situation. We spent time together with our family going out to dinner, playing games, meeting new friends, watching movies, and more. We also had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Provo City Center Temple Open House on Tuesday, February 9th in the evening.

Yesterday, my husband and I drove home. It was a very long day of driving. It took us about 13 hours to get home. As you can imagine, now that I'm home from my 10-day trip, I'm trying to catch up with things here today. Washing clothes, going through lots of emails, and transferring photos I took at RootsTech from my laptop to my desktop computer are among the things I need to do today. 

I will be sharing more posts about my experiences at RootsTech in the very near future. I just wanted to let you all know why I haven't done so already. I will say this about my time at RootsTech. It was an amazing experience! I loved it! If you ever have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it.

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  1. RootsTech was fabulous, wasn't it? I'm so glad I went. I live very near the new Provo City Center Temple and we haven't made it to the open house yet. Every time I go online to get tickets they are gone. I guess we need to go standby. :)

    1. Oh yes! RootsTech really was fabulous! I'm glad I attended too.

      How exciting that you live near the Provo City Center Temple! I was able to reserve tickets on the first day they were available. When we went to the open house the other day I saw that there was a standby line and I didn't see anyone in it. We went at 8:00 in the evening on Tuesday. I wonder if that's a good time to go if you don't have tickets. There may be a number to call for suggestions on the best times to go for standby situations. It's such a gorgeous temple! Have a wonderful time touring it. :)




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