Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Attendee Interviews at The BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy

See this comfy lobby area? It's near the front doors of the BYU Conference Center. During the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy, I sometimes came here to sit and write or just rest a bit. 

While I was here in the lobby, I met Cindy Moorhead, writer/editor for the Department of Visual Communications, Division of Continuing Education at Brigham Young University. In the photo below, Cindy is sitting on the left next to the table.

See that sign sitting on top of that table? It reads "Share your story or a favorite research tip here!"

Cindy interviewed conference attendees during the 4-day conference. The two chairs next to the sign in the lobby were reserved for attendees to share their stories with Cindy. She has interviewed and then posted conference attendee stories from previous years on the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy website.

On Friday, Cindy interviewed Lynette Banks.

Here's how to find the conference attendee interviews on the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy website. Click on the "Stories from Conference Participants" button.

You'll find a list of participant stories on the left side of the page. Just click on the story you want to read.

Cindy told me that all of these stories were written by her from interviews she conducted, except for the three-part series "The William Gilbert Burton Odyssey." That series was written by David G. Burton.

The current list of stories are from 2013 and 2014. The 2015 interviews haven't been posted yet, but Cindy hopes they will be soon. Cindy informed me that once the 2015 interviews are posted, they will be promoted on the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy's Facebook page. To access their Facebook page, click HERE.

It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with Cindy in person at the conference and by email. Please check out her past interviews and look for her upcoming 2015 interviews on the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy website and on their Facebook page.

I'll be sharing more about my experiences at the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy in a future post.

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  1. You had all kinds of fun experiences at the BYU Conference Jana. I last attended it before I was blogging and I have a feeling I will go with a different set of eyes next time I go.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Yes, I did have lots of fun at the BYU Conference! Hope to see you there next year! :)

  2. What a neat idea! I'm sure she ended up with lots of neat stories & tips.

    1. I'm sure she did too. It was such a wonderful conference! Thanks for stopping by Dana!




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