Friday, January 31, 2014

Follow Friday ~ Fab Finds for January 31, 2014

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My Fab Finds for this week are (in no particular order)
  1. “Photos” Feature Now Called “Memories” by Matt Wright for FamilySearch Blog
  2. Militia Units and Volunteer Units – What’s the Difference? by Beth Foulk, author of Genealogy Decoded
  3. Tagging in the To-Do list AND Tagging in the Master Location List AND Tagging in the Master Source List by Michele Simmons Lewis, author of Ancestoring
  4. RT 1082 by Jen Baldwin, author of Ancestral Breezes
  5. Back to Blogging by Maureen Taylor, author of Maureen Taylor – The Photo Detective
  6. Geeking Out on DNA at the APG Conference AND Happy 4th Blogiversary! by Michelle Goodrum, author of The Turning of Generations
  7. Facebook for Genealogy: Posts, aka Queries by Cyndi Ingle, author of Cyndi's List
  8. January 28, 1986 AND I'm Going to Jamboree! So You'll be able to Read All About it Here in June! by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy
  9. Elphind Updates Its List of Newspaper Titles AND 13 Reasons to Research Applications for Genealogy by Kenneth R. Marks, author of The Ancestor Hunt
  10. Dear Randy: Why Do You Write the 52 Ancestors Friday Posts? by Randy Seaver, author of Genea-Musings
  11. RootsTech Updates and News by Amy Coffin, author of The We Tree Genealogy Blog
  12. Disneyland and Intergenerational Transmission by Janet Hovorka, author of Zap the Grandma Gap
  13. Following Your Favorite Blogs Using Feedly by Amy Johnson Crow, author of No Story Too Small
  14. Keeping Your Leaves in Order... File Naming by Eric Stitt, author of Genealogy by Eric
  15. 'Dear Ancestor' by Caitlin Gow, author of Genealogically Speaking.
  16. City directories: a great resource, used carefully by Janine Adams, author of Organize Your Family History
  17. England Research can help Czech Research by Kate Challis, author of Czech Out Your Ancestors!
  18. GeneaBloggers On Vacation . . . Down Under by Thomas MacEntee, author of GeneaBloggers
  19. It’s Our 4th Birthday! by Ruth Blair, author of The Passionate Genealogist
  20. Earle, Earle, Earle by Debi Austen, author of Who Knew?

The 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge -

52 Ancestors: Week 4 Recap by Amy Johnson Crow, author of No Story Too Small

New Blog Discoveries

In Case You Missed Them….My Contributions to the Genealogy, Photo Blog, and Vintage Postcard Blogosphere This Week

Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog
Grandpa's Postcards
Jana's Photo Journal

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  1. Wow, thanks for the mention, Jana!

  2. Thanks for mentioning two of my blog posts this week, Jana! I don't know if the one about Christa McAulliffe counts because it posted in 2010.

    1. You're very welcome Heather! Oh, I didn't notice that the Christa McAulliffe post was from 2010. But, that's okay. I wasn't blogging back then, so I hadn't read it yet. =)

  3. Thank you so much, Jana! Very appreciated. Have a great weekend. ~ Jen

  4. Thanks Jana! Fridays (or Saturdays with my morning coffee!) are my favorite blog reading times, because I am always excited for what great finds you have found for the week!
    So often it is a blog that I don't follow already, so I've "found" a number of great blogs this way! AND it is always an extra thrill to have one your blogs be one of Jana's Fab Finds! While I didn't get one this week, it's exciting to see who did! Though I did think my 'Cemetery in Crisis' might have stood a chance! LOL. ;)
    Thanks for all your great work sharing the best of our genealogy world!

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      Aren't you kind! Thank you for your comments! How did I miss your wonderful blog post? I've read it now and left a comment. I've also shared it on Twitter and Google+. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    2. Oh Jana, That's sweet of you! But I was only jesting when I spoke of being overlooked! Every Saturday morning, I enjoy your blog with my morning coffee!
      So thank YOU!

  5. Thank you for the mention Jana!

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