Friday, July 12, 2013

Follow Friday ~ Fab Finds for July 12, 2013

Four Shooting Stars from Microsoft Office Images
My Fab Finds for this week are (in no particular order)
  1. Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed - Instant Duplicate Checking by Legacy Family Tree News
  2. The Organized Genealogist -- How Do You Become One? Some "New" Resources & Tips to Help You by Susan Petersen for Upfront With NGS
  3. Photo Tutorial: How to Relax and Rehumidify Old Rolled Photographs and Documents by The Family Curator
  4. Pinning Genealogy by A Family Tapestry
  5. Struggles to Identify Barney Bloomfield by Past-Present-Future
  6. Pinning Genealogy by My Family Historian
  7. Church Record Sunday: Sacred Solos for High Voice AND Mystery Monday: Hotel LaRose AND Workday Wednesday: Agnes Gaffney: Teacher and Model of Virtue by Many Branches, One Tree
  8. Kerry Takes A Bath by Always Anxiously Engaged
  9. Little Boy Ran Away AND Camera Arrived by A Hundred Years Ago
  10. Workday Wednesday (July 10, 2013) -- Sarah Etta Freeman by Filiopietism Prism
  11. My First Blogiversary by The Spiraling Chains: Kowalski – Bellan Family Trees
  12. Responsible Online Family Photo Sharing by Thomas MacEntee for Flip-Pal Family History Blog
  13. Why I started Genealogy... by Jeanie's Genealogy Journey
  14. Maintaining Family Relationships... Or To Do Better... by The Dead Relative Collector
  15. Extreme Weather in History: Stories That Affected Our Ancestors by Gena Philibert-Ortega for GenealogyBank Blog
  16. My Newest Blog! by Heritage Happens
  17. That Little Building on the Left by My Ancestors and Me
  18. Sepia Saturday – Eveline’s Changing Penmanship by Abbie and Eveline

New Blog Discoveries

In Case You Missed Them….My Contributions to the Genealogy, Vintage Postcard, and Photo Blog Blogosphere This Week

Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog
Grandpa's Postcards
Jana's Photo Journal

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  1. Thank you for the mention to Filiopietism Prism Jana -- much appreciated!

    I always check your Fab Finds on Fridays to find some items of interest to add to my reading list. Thank you!

  2. Jana, thanks so much for the mention this morning! And ditto what John said. You bring such interesting posts to light with your recommendations.

    1. Hi Jacqi,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! You're so sweet!

  3. Ditto and ditto! I've been so busy this week that I am way behind in my blog reading so it is nice to have your well-curated list and doubly nice to be mentioned.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      You're so welcome for the mention. And thanks for your kind comments!

  4. Oh, what a surprise! Thank you Jana for giving my new blog a shout out! Now to read all the other posts you recommended, they are always great!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      You're very welcome! It was my pleasure to give your new blog a shout out.

  5. Your Fab Finds are always on my Must-Read list! Always a few new ones to me. Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of us. Cheers.

  6. Thank you for including my post, Jana. I appreciate it. And thanks for taking the time to post your finds.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      You're so welcome! Thanks for stopping by!




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